Taking orders over the phone is slow, manpower intensive, and prone to human error. DocuManage eliminates these problems with a solution that is as easy as 1-2-3 ...

  1. Your customer fills out a personalized order form.
  2. Then simply faxes it to you.
  3. Your OCR-Fax solution receives the incoming fax, converts it to electronic data and automatically enters the orders into your system - anytime of day or night.

A DocuManage software engineer will work with your staff to generate custom order forms from your existing software. Our expert design team will help you design a form that is both OCR-friendly and familiar to the customer. You can revise and update forms when needed, create different order forms for different customers, apply your own business rules to orders received and much more.

Save Time and Money

The solutions we select and install have had dramatic and immediate results. Manual order entry costs reduced by 90%. Processing time shortened by 500% and more. Accuracy improved by 85%.

A DocuManage Exclusive

As an added layer of quality assurance, DocuManage offers the Order Review Module. This feature allows you to see a summarized view of any order before it enters your system - a very valuable tool when dealing with new customers or if you've made extensive revisions. With the Order Review Module turned on, you can catch errors before they are fulfilled.